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Why Called Hard Chrome Plated Rod?

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Why Called Hard Chrome Plated Rod?

The hard chrome rod looks very attractive and serves heavy duty purposes. They are designed with the most advanced surface removal, polishing, hard chrome plating and other technologies. They can be supplied according to customer requirements and used in different fields such as construction, materials, handling equipment, agricultural equipment, industrial machinery, and can be used in almost the largest place. The rod first goes through precision milling, and then the surface is chrome plated, so that the surface accuracy level reaches f8, the surface hardness reaches HV850 or more, which not only helps to improve the wear resistance, but also helps to extend the life cycle of the rod, thereby helping customers save costs.

chrome shaft(1)

The chromium plating of the chrome rod plays an important role in the properties of the substrate. First of all, the wear resistance of the product is significantly improved. The chromium-plated layer can obtain different hardness of 400 ~ 1200hv according to the process specification. The sliding friction coefficient is about 50% of steel and cast iron, and has anti-adhesion. Secondly, corrosion resistance is improved. The chromium layer is passivated on the surface under slight oxidation to form a very thin and transparent passivated film that does not change color at room temperature for a long time to protect the chromium plating layer. http://www.honed-tube.net/

For chrome-plated piston rod, the strength of chrome-plated layer decreases with the increase of thickness. The bonding strength between the chromium plating layer and the substrate is higher than that between the crystals, and the tensile strength and fatigue strength decrease with the increase of the thickness of the chromium plating layer. Therefore, the thickness of the chromium plating layer should generally be less than 0.3mm.


chrome rod(4)

It should be noted that the chromium plating layer is relatively brittle and cannot withstand large deformation, so as to avoid cracking or falling off the chromium plating layer. Therefore, the base metal portion of the chrome-plated piston rod should have sufficient strength to resist all external forces applied in the direction of coating thickness.

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