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What Is Cold-drawn Seamless Honed Tube?

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Hydraulic cylinder Seamless Tube, also known as honing pipe or cold drawn honing seamless cylinder pipe, is one of the main steel materials for manufacturing hydraulic cylinder, honing pipe is the seamless steel pipe by cold drawing, shoveling, honing processing.

The most important processing is honing processing, which is why it is called honing tube or honing tube.

And the products that have not been honed are named pre-honed pipe or pre-Seamless Tube.


During the honing process, the inner diameter surface of the pre-honed tube becomes smooth and shiny after several hours of grinding, and the final honed tube has high accuracy and low roughness, allowing direct machining of the hydraulic cylinder barrel without further inner diameter machining.

Cold drawing honing seamless cylinder tube production and processing:

Raw material - pickling - pressing - cold drawing - stress relief - leveling - sawing - waste parts - honing - oil resistant coating - filler.


Steel Graded: ST52, STKM13C, SUS316

 Length: 6-8m.

 Size: ID range from 25 to 250mm

 Straightness:0.5 /1000mm

 ID Tolerance: ISO H8

 OD Tolerance: +/-0.3mm



Physical properties of cold-drawn seamless honed tube



Delivery Conditions

Tensile Strength Rm (Mpa)

Elongation in the longitudinal direction Al   (%)

St 45

+A (GBK)

390 min

21 min

St 52

+A (GBK)

490 min

22 min


+A (GBK)

450 min

22 min


+A (GBK)

390 min

21 min


Tensile   strength Min

Yield   Point Min

Elongation   % Min

580 N/mm2

420 N/mm2



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