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What is Honed Tube?

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What is Honed Tube?

Honed Tube: 

Application in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing, it's is produced by our "Suitable To Hone" Cold Drawn Seamless (CDS) Tube. The honing process involves using abrasive polishing stones and abrasive paper to remove small amounts of material, to produce extremely precise ID dimensions and improved finishes. 

Honed tubing is ready to use for hydraulic cylinder applications without further ID processing.

Production processing:

Suitable to honed tube, cold draw seamless tube processing:

Raw Materia - Acid cleaning - Parkerizing - Cold-drawn - Stress relieving - Leveling - Saw off reject parts - Anti oil coating - Packing

Honed seamless cylinder tube processing:

Raw Materia - Acid cleaning - Parkerizing - Cold-drawn - stress relieving - leveling - Saw off reject parts - Honing - Anti oil coating - Packing.

Honed Cylinder Tube Parameters

  • Made from grades 1020/1026 or ST52 cold drawn seamless tube

  • Stocked to plus OR minus side Inside diameter tolerances

  • Size Range: 1.0” ID – 14.0” Honed ID; 1/8” – 1” wall thickness

  • Stocked in 17’ - 24’ random lengths

  • Cut to length service available

  • Standard and metric sizes

  • Suitable to hone sizes

  • 14 Max Ra ID Finish

  • Need a custom size honed tube? We can do that too! Just contact us freely.


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